Adidas leads the product in industry that bring good style from footwear, apparel and accessories international. The name of its product came from two person Adolf 'ADI' and Dassler. 'DAS'.

ADIDAS start in history at the year of 1949. August 18. In the year of 50's, the battle between Germany and Hungary noticeably that wearing adidas footwear that was the great advantage in competitive fighting also known as The Miracle of Bern. The next year in 60's adidas footwear come with athletic in to performance, Unconventional high jumper Dick Fosbury launches himself up and over in adidas footwear. In the history of 70's of the raising of the “Kaiser”in world cup. With the year of 90's ADIDAS much succeed on behalf of the death of its founder Dassler. Administered under CEO Robert Louis-Dreyfus. Where it continuous the succession of Adidas in market, the history also marked in the Olympic the three stripe as symbolize it. and also as the year grows, also the grows of the company, launching a new style, new brand. And also marked with REEBOK.